Your Settings Tab

To access your settings and preferences, select the settings cog in the right hand corner of the site.

Here, you can adjust all your settings and preferences, update details, and manage your membership.



  • Personal Details (Your name , contact details, DOB)
  • Account Details (Email, username, password)
  • Starting Details (Baseline results, weight etc.)
  • Weight Preferences (Goals, when you weigh in)
  • Program Preferences (Start day and week structure)
  • Menu Preferences (Menu Plan and Week)
  • Food Preferences (What can be included or excluded on your meal plan)
  • Tracker Preferences (Country/database the tracker pulls from)
  • Exercise Preferences (Exercise Plan and week)
  • Update your DNA file (Insights and DNA results)
  • Manage Membership (Changing plans/managing plans)
  • Update Payment Details (Change your payment details)


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