Overview of the Program Tab

The Program tab within your ClickFit account is where you can access more information about the program and the program principles.

12 Rules for Weight Loss:

We have 12 rules for weight loss that are important for progress, some are big and some are small, however all are just as important. These consist of;

  1. Discover your DNA (as your body down to its genetics plays a role in how you can lose weight)
  2. Weigh yourself each week, no matter what (consistency and accountability is key to success)
  3. Eat a high protein breakfast to prevent cravings (high protein keeps you fuller for longer)
  4. Track what you eat, especially your treats (knowing what you eat and how you're tracking it vital)
  5. Use the meal plan but make it work for you (we provide the baseline, but everyone is different)
  6. Stop eating by 8pm and get a good nights sleep (adequate rest and sleep is a key component)
  7. Make time for exercise, don't exercise to eat (exercise is just as important to your health as your diet)
  8. Use the 20:80 rule if dining out or ordering in (eating out is great, however shouldn't be the go to)
  9. Restrict alcohol to 2 days a week, if at all (alcohol is ok in moderation, not all the time)
  10. Eat slowly, seated and on a regular schedule (managing your eating and hunger is also important)
  11. Don't let stress or setbacks stop you (it isn't always easy, but pushing through is what matters)
  12. Find reasons to fistbump (celebrate the small wins on your way to the big win)

Read about the rules in depth in Program > 12 rules for weight loss.


Program Guide PDF's:

Here on ClickFit you can get a download of your weekly program. This contains your Meal Plan, Shopping List, and tips for the week.

Select the pink download buttons next to each week to download a PDF for the week.

Program > Program Guide PDF's.


Take the Welcome Tour:

If you want an overview of the program this is where to start. Head on over to Program > Extra Reading > Welcome Tour to get started.

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