Overview of the Tracker Tab

Here in the tracker you have access to two tools.

The Food & Exercise tracker, where you log your food consumed and exercise completed. And your weight tracker, where you log your weight results and other progress.

Your Food & Exercise Tracker:

This is where you log what you have eaten, whether it be a singular food or a whole meal. You can track directly from the menu plan (using the tick for each meal) or you can search for the meal you ate in the search bar in the Food & Exercise Tracker.

You receive a breakdown of what you have eaten (based off what you enter) for your macro nutrients and calories. You will have a daily calorie target, that will change once you add a food entry to see how you go.

You also have an energy graph, to track how much energy you have consumed (food) and exerted (exercise). This adjusts when you add something to the tracker.

To add something to the tracker, select the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening), search for it, adjust the quantity and it will be added.

To get here, just go to Tracker > Food & Exercise Tracker.


Your Weight Tracker:

This is where you weigh in, upload progress photos, and upload measurements. All progress over your time on the program will be reflected here. You have progress graphs indicating each weigh in, a measurements graph showing changes, and scrolling down you would have a log of all weigh ins and photos uploaded.

  • You can select the date you want to weigh in to begin with.
  • Then below, you can enter the weight.
  • Next to that, you can drag and drop/upload a progress photo.
  • Below, you can select "add measurements" and enter those.
  • You can rate your satisfaction with your result as well.
  • Then press save.

To access this tool, go to Tracker > Weight Tracker.


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