Overview of the Food & Exercise Tab

The most important tools that the program provides are found in the Food & Exercise Tab.

These include your meal plan, shopping list and exercise plan.

View this in Food & Exercise > Menu Plan.

Your Meal Plan;

You receive a 7 day meal plan each week that contains 3 meals and snacks per day.

  • You can note the calorie breakdown and macro nutrient breakdown of the daily plan
  • You can swap meals you do not like using the double arrows under each meal
  • You can click on each meal to view the recipe
  • You can automatically track the meal to your tracker by clicking the tick
  • You can navigate through the days of the week with the date bar above
  • You can download the weekly meal plan and shopping list with the icons on the right of the date bar



Your Shopping List:

Everything you need for your weekly meal plan will be provided in your shopping list.

View this in Food & Exercise > Shopping List.

  • You can adjust the days you want to shop for, e.g. a full week (7 days) or 3 or 1 day
  • You can scroll down to see the full shopping list broken down into separate groups
  • You can adjust the amount of people you are shopping for and what meals



Your Exercise Plan:

Here you have your exercise plan, like your meal plan, you are provided with an exercise plan each week.

Go to Food & Exercise > Exercise Plan to get started.

  • Click on each day to view the exercise plan for the day
  • Click on each individual exercise for steps and a video tutorial
  • You can track the exercise to your tracker by clicking the tick


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