Overview of the DNA Tab

There a few aspects of eating and diet that are influenced by one's genetics.

We call these specific genes "insights", specific genes that influence a sensitivity to food, a like or a dislike for food and so on.

For example, some people posses a SNP with the gene OR6A2 which appears to control odor detection of the organic compounds in coriander (cilantro). This can influence the taste and appeal of this food making one like or dislike it based on if they posses the gene or not.

To read about the specific insights, go to DNA > Popular DNA Insights > DNA Insights.

To read more about the relation between DNA, Diet and Weight Loss, head on over to DNA >About DNA.

If you have a DNA test result say from Ancestry.com for example, you can actually upload your results to the program which would flag which dietary insights you posses, and update your meal plan accordingly. E.g. removing coriander.

You can undergo this process in DNA > Upload DNA File.

If you have food sensitivities, you can look at and adjust these in Settings > Food Preferences to dictate what the meal plan would and would not provide.


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